In ever-increasing numbers, businesses of all sizes from across a myriad and diverse range of industries are turning to the evolution that is Conversational Artificial Intelligence, or better known as AI, to gain a competitive edge, accelerate productivity, and improve the bottom line.
One application of AI is chatbots which are being deployed by business to increase market share, enhance customer experience, integrate social media platforms, maximise sales strategies, collect and synthesise data and reduce overhead costs from greater operational efficiencies.

Chatbots provide solutions to every day workplace tasks such as delivering on demand conversation and content to the customer, a service which can be backed up by person to person contact if required.

The forms of communication customers are now choosing is pivoting away from emails and phone calls to the likes of messaging apps and social media and to stay viable, business will need to respond in kind.

If you are considering a chatbot for your business and would like to discuss the benefits and implementation process, why not contact us and ask our specialist AI team who will make this invaluable customer service tool a reality.