Streamline expense submission and tracking using a chatbot

Transform your expense submission process into an interactive conversation, allowing staff to easily track the progress of their expenses.

Simplify the cumbersome process of expense submission with Avar. Utilize a chatbot to convert the entire process into a seamless conversation.

With Avar, you can:

  • Provide a chatbot accessible through messaging apps or internal portals for convenient expense requests.
  • Guide employees through a simple conversation to log their expenses.
  • Accept images for expense documentation, such as invoices or tickets.
  • Forward the submitted expense to the appropriate team.

Respond to employees regarding the status of their expenses and the amount owed.

The aim is to replace the need for employees to sit down at a computer with a straightforward conversation. No more logging into platforms or navigating complex intranets. Instead, employees can use their phone to interact with the expense chatbot and quickly submit their expenses.

Additionally, the chatbot provides progress updates and valuable metrics, ensuring employees stay informed about the status of their expenses. It’s a hassle-free solution that demonstrates our commitment to promptly addressing employees’ payment needs.