Streamline and automate the upskilling process for your workforce

Effortlessly distribute helpsheets, technical guides, company processes, tutorials, and other relevant resources to employees who require them.

AI technology makes the process of upskilling your workforce more efficient and resource-effective. In a constantly evolving world, where new technologies, processes, and skills are required, businesses are discovering the importance of sharing knowledge across their employees.

With Avar, you can automate this knowledge-sharing process. For example, if an employee needs to learn new software, you can preload the chatbot with approved guides, helpsheets, and tutorials. Then, all they need to do is ask the chatbot for assistance.

Using Avar, you have the ability to:

– Share approved learning and development materials with specific staff members.
– Broadcast approved materials to an entire team.
– Empower employees to take control of their own learning, with the option to seek guidance when needed.

Avar allows you to provide your staff with a wealth of resources without overwhelming them with a cluttered library. Furthermore, the presence of a chatbot eliminates any potential embarrassment employees may feel when seeking out how-to guides.

Chatbots offer an efficient method of upskilling your workforce, whether they are working in the office or remotely. With Avar, you can ensure that your employees have access to the necessary resources and support to enhance their skills and knowledge.

With a customised conversation flow designed to extract pertinent information, the chatbot can efficiently gather the necessary details required to determine whether a candidate should proceed to the interview phase. The chatbot can even score the candidate’s responses, ensuring that only qualified individuals are forwarded to your recruitment software, ready for you to schedule interviews. In fact, the chatbot can even handle this stage on your behalf!

Once integrated into your systems, the chatbot remains updated on the latest job openings, requiring minimal input from you, primarily focused on fine-tuning the scoring algorithms. Even if multiple departments are simultaneously recruiting, the Avar platform is designed to handle such scenarios. Once the integration is complete, you can invite your colleagues to utilise the platform for their recruitment needs as well.