Revitalise leads by initiating personalised offers through targeted outreach

Revitalise your inactive leads by delivering tailored content that aligns with their demographics, firmographics, and previous interactions with your company.

When leads become unresponsive over time, various factors may contribute to their disengagement. Implementing a well-timed re-engagement chatbot can effectively reignite interest and traction with these leads who have previously shown interest.

Let’s consider scenarios where prospects have initiated a free trial but didn’t convert into customers, downloaded content without taking further bottom-of-the-funnel actions, or reached the final stages of product selection but ultimately abandoned the process.

With Avar, you can create meticulously curated lead segments by combining data points such as job titles, chatbot interactions, company industry information, and tracked activities like free trials, web page views, and content downloads. The objective is to deliver highly personalized and relevant messaging.

Avar enables you to achieve this by segmenting users who have engaged with your chatbots and integrating contact information from connected marketing tools.

Leveraging the available data, the chatbot can proactively reconnect with contacts through social media, email, and other active channels. It can automatically deliver offers, showcase new products, and present time-limited deals to re-engage prospects.

Moreover, the chatbot continuously updates contact records with any new insights and seamlessly retrieves stock levels and promotional offers, facilitating a streamlined purchasing experience for potential customers.