Provide employees with instant access to the information they need, whenever they need it

Offer immediate frontline support to your employees, assisting them with their inquiries anytime, anywhere, and across any device.

In today’s on-demand society, instant access to information is crucial, and the same holds true for the workplace, particularly in the realm of human resources.

With the Avar platform, you can provide employees with on-demand service using chatbot technology. They can access policy documents, request time off for annual leave or sickness, and seek answers to general questions that they would typically direct to your HR team.

Your employees can find the information they need regardless of their location—whether they’re at their desk, working remotely, or even lounging on the sofa at 9 pm on a Friday.

This not only enhances the employee experience but also provides valuable support to your HR team. By automating routine inquiries, they can free up time to focus on meeting service level agreements (SLAs) and handling more critical tasks and requests.

Importantly, this doesn’t hinder communication between employees and HR. The chatbot can facilitate conversations through live chat (if enabled), schedule dedicated times to speak with HR, allow employees to leave messages, and offer a range of other customizable options to align with your specific needs and existing processes.

With a customised conversation flow designed to extract pertinent information, the chatbot can efficiently gather the necessary details required to determine whether a candidate should proceed to the interview phase. The chatbot can even score the candidate’s responses, ensuring that only qualified individuals are forwarded to your recruitment software, ready for you to schedule interviews. In fact, the chatbot can even handle this stage on your behalf!

Once integrated into your systems, the chatbot remains updated on the latest job openings, requiring minimal input from you, primarily focused on fine-tuning the scoring algorithms. Even if multiple departments are simultaneously recruiting, the Avar platform is designed to handle such scenarios. Once the integration is complete, you can invite your colleagues to utilise the platform for their recruitment needs as well.