Maximise your time interacting with humans and less time with systems

With the capability to effortlessly handle complex processes, your chatbot liberates your time, enabling you to focus on implementing initiatives, enhancing the work experience, and providing assistance to those who require it.

Due to the inherent nature of the HR department, it often involves complex processes that consume valuable resources and hinder engagement in high-value activities. Juggling repetitive tasks, such as submitting the same form repeatedly, can make it challenging for HR professionals to be fully available for their staff’s needs.

Why not consider automating these processes?

Chatbots are proficient in handling a wide range of process automation requirements. With Avar, you can replicate your existing processes seamlessly without the need for adaptation or change.

Using our process mapping tool, you can effortlessly create custom conversations that mirror your internal processes with just a few clicks. Simply break down each step of your current process, add them to the conversation builder, and save. There’s no need to alter the way you currently operate—it remains the same, but now you interact with the chatbot.

Chatbots also offer a level of consistency across the organization. They are designed to prevent human errors such as missing a step or filing information in the wrong place. HR departments appreciate this feature as it reduces the risk of errors and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

With Avar’s unlimited integrations, the entire process can be fully automated—from gathering information to updating your HRMS (Human Resource Management System).

Instead of wasting your time on repetitive tasks, let the chatbot handle them efficiently, allowing you to focus on more meaningful and impactful activities.