Identify the root causes of burnout and address common areas of concern

Leverage chatbot data to gain insights into the recurring challenges faced by your employees, identify prevalent issues, and determine the timing of their occurrence.

Pain points and burnout can lead valuable employees to seek opportunities elsewhere.

By leveraging chatbot data, you can easily identify common pain points and take prompt action to enhance the employee experience.

An internal-facing chatbot serves as a pulse for your organisation. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) highlight prevalent pain points, while sentiment analysis provides deeper insights into the causes of burnout.

With Avar’s fully customisable dashboard, you gain visibility into the data and metrics that align with your business goals. Additionally, it allows you to gauge employee opinions on your employee portal effectively.

A chatbot transforms limited insights like;

“X employees clicked ‘very unhappy’ when using our portal” into more meaningful information. For example, it can reveal that 23% of conversations related to the employee portal expressed negative sentiment, primarily occurring when employees sought information. The most common question about the portal was “where do I find the employee handbook?”

The scalability of chatbot data sets it apart from other tools. It provides qualitative data in a quantitative format and requires minimal to no effort from your team. Furthermore, chatbots autonomously gather data while fulfilling their primary tasks. For instance, recruitment chatbots assist in qualifying applications and offer insights into candidates’ perspectives on your application process. FAQ chatbots alleviate the burden on your HR department while providing valuable insights into your workforce.