Effortlessly manage, view, and retrieve expense requests for employees

Employees can submit expense details, including receipt images, to claim reimbursements for their expenses.

Occasionally a colleague will pick up a bill or grab the team a coffee and need to submit an expense report to the company for reimbursement.

Often this invokes a process HR or expense teams go through to collect the details of the expense, check they have all the required information and then submit into a system somewhere.

This process can easily be automated with a Avar chatbot.

Users talk to the chatbot, and request reimbursement without needing to send an email, speak to a manager or any other human. A conversation flow can take an image of a receipt or digital invoice and use it to generate an request that is automatically approved or sent to relevant person for approval.

The chatbot can then notify the user the request has been accepted and when payment has been made (or whatever the process your company follows).