Efficiently communicate important company announcements to your staff

Ensure your staff is always up to date with critical messages from management by promptly notifying the relevant individuals.

Prepare for a revolutionary transformation of staff notifications.

Companies that require a notification system that not only alerts staff but also provides insights into who has viewed the announcement. Additionally, fostering an environment for employees to provide feedback on the information they receive is crucial.

With Avar, you can easily segment your staff based on factors such as their role, work location, or function, and notify them about critical events, announcements, or any important updates. Once a notification is sent, management can track who has read the notifications and who has further engaged with them.

The conversational nature of chatbots takes notifications to the next level by allowing users to ask questions and seek clarification about the information they have just received. This interactive approach enhances the communication experience and ensures that staff can obtain immediate answers and insights related to the notification.