Effectively display suitable products to customers

Customise the conversation flow to gather pertinent information from prospective customers in order to showcase the most fitting products.

Maximizing the efficiency and speed of guiding potential customers to their desired products is crucial for achieving a high conversion rate. By integrating your product catalogue into the Avar platform and deploying your chatbot on the preferred channels of your customers, you can enhance this process. Using the conversation builder provided, you can create tailored conversation flows that extract relevant information from customers, ensuring a highly accurate product search. Leveraging the customer’s responses, the platform can then request the most suitable products from your catalogue and seamlessly present the results. The chatbot can be deployed across various channels, including your website (in live-chat, embedded, or full-page form) and social media platforms. This enables customers to explore your products through the applications they are most comfortable with. To further streamline the customer experience, consider enabling direct purchasing from the chat interface. This can be achieved by integrating the platform with your preferred payment processor. The beauty of this system lies in its ability to keep your chatbot up to date with any changes in your product catalogue, minimising the maintenance required and ensuring that your chatbot remains an invaluable member of your sales team.