Drive sales growth following prospects’ engagement with your content

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In some cases, leads require additional information before making a purchase decision. They may download a guide, read reviews, or watch videos to gather more insights. However, there’s always the risk that they may not return.

By utilizing a chatbot, you can proactively prompt prospects for payment after providing them with further information. This reduces the likelihood of them getting distracted, stumbling upon a competitor, or simply forgetting about your offerings.

Avar incorporates intelligent triggers that enable you to initiate conversations based on various scenarios. For example, if prospects have watched a video, downloaded a guide, revisited a guide, requested more information from the chatbot, or asked for product reviews, your chatbot can naturally prompt them for payment.

Once prospects have digested your content, the chatbot can seamlessly guide them through the payment process, enhancing their relationship with your brand. Avar supports multiple payment processors, allowing customers to choose a payment method that suits their preferences while aligning with your business requirements.

Accepting payments via the chatbot provides a secure and user-friendly approach to boost sales effectively.

With a customised conversation flow designed to extract pertinent information, the chatbot can efficiently gather the necessary details required to determine whether a candidate should proceed to the interview phase. The chatbot can even score the candidate’s responses, ensuring that only qualified individuals are forwarded to your recruitment software, ready for you to schedule interviews. In fact, the chatbot can even handle this stage on your behalf!

Once integrated into your systems, the chatbot remains updated on the latest job openings, requiring minimal input from you, primarily focused on fine-tuning the scoring algorithms. Even if multiple departments are simultaneously recruiting, the Avar platform is designed to handle such scenarios. Once the integration is complete, you can invite your colleagues to utilise the platform for their recruitment needs as well.