Develop an engaging and interactive employee onboarding journey

Make new employees feel safe and supported. Arm them with an always-on, all-knowing chatbot to talk to and learn from during this stressful period.

Recruiting new talent can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, especially when it comes to sifting through numerous candidates to find those who meet your requirements. However, you can alleviate this burden by utilising an Avar chatbot. By integrating with your recruitment software, the Avar platform becomes aware of your available job positions, enabling candidates to initiate the application process.

The onboarding procedure plays a pivotal role in shaping the experience of your newest employees. A remarkable onboarding journey establishes expectations for their work-life ahead.

Right from the moment they enter your company, whether physically or metaphorically, ensure they receive the necessary support to thrive.

On their initial day, provide them with the essentials:

Access fob for building entry
Work equipment
Manager’s contact details
Employee onboarding chatbot

With Avar, you can create a chatbot assistant specifically designed for new employees. This chatbot possesses extensive knowledge about your organisation, ranging from the process of booking meeting rooms to contact information for key personnel and insights into company culture.

Load your chatbot with crucial information by integrating it with your HR portal. This enables the chatbot to learn about each new employee and deliver relevant information tailored to their needs.

Operating in multiple locations? Your chatbot is equipped to provide hyper-localized experiences.

Empower your new recruits with an invaluable asset on their first day: an ally. Something they can rely on when they feel lost, require assistance, or simply feel hesitant to ask a human counterpart.