Design an interactive onboarding experience for remote workers

Provide pre-employment support for remote workers, addressing any inquiries and ensuring they are fully prepared for their first day.

In the world of remote work becoming the new norm, welcoming and making new employees feel comfortable in a virtual team can be challenging. However, a chatbot can come to the rescue by offering support even before their first day.

We understand that the challenges of remote workforce go beyond just onboarding.

By utilizing a chatbot, you can guide new hires through an essential checklist prior to their first day. Once they have accepted the job offer, you can direct them to a friendly chatbot where they can provide information such as their address, emergency contact details, and any other necessary details.

The chatbot can also be a valuable resource for answering their questions, providing guidance on company policies, and informing them about new updates from the business.

Using the chatbot checklist ensures that all processes are consistently followed, leaving no room for critical documents, IDs, or important information to be missed.